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Welcome welcome! My name is Leigh and I am a new mama to our beautiful baby girl Ellie. I'm married to my wonderful husband James and together we have a dog, Delilah, and 2 cats, Bella and Chloe. Ellie is our pride and joy though and being her mommy is my favorite thing in the world. We take a slightly crunchy approach to child-rearing and don't mind being dubbed a little "different".

We both teach high school, but not at the same one. I teach culinary arts and he is a nerdy chemistry teacher. We live in a teeny (read: under 1000 sqft) rental house in the Houston suburbs, but our landlord is amazing and pretty much lets us do whatever we want with the house as far as upgrading it on his dime. It's a pretty sweet deal.

We are avid DIYers, mostly due to a extreme desire to save money just because we can. I've recently taken up sewing and James is having a grand time learning to do wood working. We've both made some pretty sweet creations, if I may say so.

I'm so glad you decided to drop by and grace this little blog with your presence. Ellie and I can't wait to share with you!

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