Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Big Announcement!

FYI: This isn't really news to some of you. Sorry about that.

So why have I been so busy that I can barely keep up with the blog lately??? This is the reason:

I started my own photography company, Fresh Light Photography, and I am already getting myself pretty dang busy. Woohoo!  Between my full-time job, Ellie, photo sessions, and picture editing, I'm going crazy, but its a good kind of crazy. My hope is to build my business enough over the next year, that by the time that James finishes his masters, I can stay home with my little girl. That would be awesome!

So, if you are in the market for family portraits, have a baby on the way, or want to document your growing kiddo, give me a hollar. I am doing a great introductory special. You can get all the details on my (other) blog, freshlightphotography.blogspot.com.

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Last Month Update Part 2

Ellie turned 3 months old on November 2! It is hard to believe that we've already had her that long. Time flies with a baby.

Things of note:
About 15 pounds
Growing like a weed
Can roll over belly to back
Sleeps sporadically at night (any tips?)

Here were her weekly pictures from the last month.

She is such a cute little stinker!

This last month, Ellie also had her first Halloween. Ellie dressed up as the most adorable bumblebee that you have ever seen.

We went and hung out at our church's Fall Festival. Really, the whole point of a costume on a baby is to show off how dang cute they look anyways.

I was a flower. I thought it was fitting considering Ellie's feeding habits.

Coming up in Part 3
That big announcement that explains why I've been neglecting this blog so much.....

Last Month Update Part 1

My parents surprised me by showing up on my doorstep on my birthday!. Seriously. I was in a towel. They allowed me to throw some clothes on before opening the door though. It was very patient of them.

This was the first time Ellie got to meet her Grandpapa. They got along great, even though my dad admits he prefers them once they are potty trained and understand basic directions.

Friday night was our scheduled pumpkin carving party with our Sunday school class. It was great fun. James and my pumpkin was the best, if I do say so myself.

That Saturday we loaded up the car and headed down to Kemah. Ellie got to ride her first carousel.

See the seatbelt. They made me put the seatbelt around her. As if it will really keep a 2.5 month old from falling off. Ugh....

Up next....
Ellie's 3 month update
Halloween pictures of my little bee

Friday, November 18, 2011

Bad Mommy Blogger!

I blame going back to work. I have been so busy now that I'm back at the 9-5 job that I haven't had a chance to update the blog in forever! I pinky promise and spit shake swear that I will do a huge recap post over Thanksgiving break.

Things to cover will be:
  • Ellie's 3 month birthday
  • New skils like rolling over and laughing
  • A surprise visit from Nana and Grandpapa
  • Ellie's First Halloween
  • And a very exciting announcement about something new.....



...no, its not a baby. Lord help me if it was!

And you know I can't have a post without a picture, so here ya go.