Wednesday, December 15, 2010

8 Week Ultrasound - Take 2

Bean has gotten so big! It seems like only yesterday she* was just a speck of dust in mama's eye. Now she is 3/4 inch and growing up so fast!

Everything looked really good today. Heartbeat was in the 160s and everything else looked normal. At this point it is quite obvious to us as parents that Bean is, by far, the cutest little gummy bear to have ever graced this mama's womb. Bean is officially 8 weeks, 3 days old, giving a new (and hopefully permanent) due date of July 24. So, with no further ado, I present the new and improved, BEAN!

We are going to be mailing out Christmas cards in the next several days that announce our pregnancy to everyone on our Christmas card list. I feel comfortable now that we've made it to 8 weeks and everything is going according to plan. So, if you end up on this blog via Christmas card, hello there!

*I feel confident for no particular reason that Bean is a girl, and will refer to her as such until proven otherwise.

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