Monday, June 27, 2011

Some more baby crafts

My sewing machine has definitely been getting a workout lately, I can promise you that! Now that school is out and I have free time coming out my ears, I've been trying to keep myself busy with projects (and lots of naps). Here are some of my latest and greatest:

First up, the car seat canopy. Nothing says you better keep your hands off of my kid or I cut you like a car seat canopy. It will not only ward off handsy strangers, but it will inform the world that my baby is indeed a girl, keep the sun off her, and let her sleep when we take her in somewhere.

Next is the nursing shawl/hooter hider/udder cover/euphemism for boobs combined with cover synonym. Since this little one will be eating from the tap, I thought it might be best to have something to make her mealtimes a little more discreet when we are out, since I have no intention of going to hide somewhere other than the closest comfy chair. (And if you think women should take their babies into the bathroom to feed them, go eat your Big Mac sitting on the pot and then come talk to me. Yuck!)

Here is a close-up of the pattern. Yes, it is birds. But birds are me, what can I say?

And lastly we have something to further the beanette's education. Not one, not two, but THREE new books to add to her collection. Aunt Penny and I scoured Hobby Lobby and Joanns to find some cute fabric book patterns to no avail. But lo and behold, it was Wally World where we hit the jackpot! We snagged a book of nursery rhymes, ABCs, and Cinderella. Instead of just making them plain and boring, I added loops of ribbon and some of the pages are filled with that crinkly plastic that makes a lot of noise. It's all about the multi-sensory experience.

But this post would not be complete without highlighting the latest daddy craft. James built this awesome bookcase to house her growing collection of board books. He mounted it to the wall strong enough that the beanette will be able to use it as a chin-up bar in the future if she decides she needs to work on building up her guns.


  1. yay! you made all the things that you were planning to. and James' shelf looks great! any luck on the changing pad cover?

  2. I'm dying to find out where you got the fabric for that last ABC fabric book. Love it! Oh wait, I just reread and it said Walmart. I really hope that mine still has fabric...I know some are getting rid of fabric. Love the idea to add tags too!


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