Thursday, November 24, 2011

Last Month Update Part 1

My parents surprised me by showing up on my doorstep on my birthday!. Seriously. I was in a towel. They allowed me to throw some clothes on before opening the door though. It was very patient of them.

This was the first time Ellie got to meet her Grandpapa. They got along great, even though my dad admits he prefers them once they are potty trained and understand basic directions.

Friday night was our scheduled pumpkin carving party with our Sunday school class. It was great fun. James and my pumpkin was the best, if I do say so myself.

That Saturday we loaded up the car and headed down to Kemah. Ellie got to ride her first carousel.

See the seatbelt. They made me put the seatbelt around her. As if it will really keep a 2.5 month old from falling off. Ugh....

Up next....
Ellie's 3 month update
Halloween pictures of my little bee

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