Friday, April 8, 2011

Week 24 Update

I'm pretty sure we have a future Olympic gymnast on our hands with all the movement going on in there! Beanette is rocking and rolling many, many times a day. One of my new favorite activities is staring at my belly to watch it move around with the punches. James can feel her now too, if he has good timing. She responds to his voice now too.

We had a midwife appointment on Monday, and all looks well. She is right on track and I'm doing great too. We have another appointment in a month and then I start going every 2 weeks after that! How has time gone by so fast???

Good news is that we are to the age of viability, so, if the worst was to happen and she came tomorrow, she would have a shot at making it. (Anyone see Greys Anatomy last week? Ya, not good to watch when you are 23 weeks pregnant) Still, I would much prefer the Beanette to stay in there and cook for a good while longer. I mean, her room isn't even ready yet!

So onto the stats for the week:
How far along: 24 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Yea, let's not talk about that.
Symptoms: Other than my rapidly expanding belly and random punches from inside, I'm feeling really good!
Maternity clothes: Absolutely.
Stretch marks?: I blame genetics on this one.
Sleep: Hit and miss. Last night was good. Night before, not so much.
Best moment this week: Getting the crib!
Movement: All the time. It's cool, yet slightly annoying at times.
Food cravings: Taco Bell tacos.
Gender: All girl!
What I miss: People letting me pick up 20 lbs without freaking out. I'm pregnant, not decrepit.
Milestones: She is over a pound and a foot long! (Now I want some Subway....)

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