Sunday, April 17, 2011

26 Week Update

I've made it through week 25 and now it is full steam ahead into week 26 for me and the beanette. Here at the Ripps house, things have been pretty business as usual. James and I are both ready for school to be over though, that's for sure. Only 6 weeks left! We did have a little excitement here on Friday night with a late night ER trip. James caught a softball to the face at his game and ended up needing 5 stitches.

In baby news, the beanette is using me as a treadmill lately which makes for some interesting movement viewed from the outside. I also felt hiccups this week. That had me cracking up when I realized what it was. Other than that, she is just growing right along. I remember to actually take a picture this week too!

The stats of the week:
How far along: 26 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Yea, let's not talk about that.
Symptoms: Poor sleep and heartburn and lots of movement. Still have my energy though :)
Maternity clothes: Absolutely.
Stretch marks?: I blame genetics on this one.
Sleep: Only when I am cocooned in pillows.
Best moment this week: Hiccups. Too cool!
Movement: Definitely. I am starting to catch on to her sleep/wake cycles.
Food cravings: Nothing specific, but I am hungry all. the. time.
Gender: All girl!
Innie or outie: Innie, but getting more shallow.
What I miss: A solid nights sleep. That would be great.
Milestones: She can likely hear other people talking now. James is reading Dr. Seuss to her at night.

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