Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Beanette's First Easter

So I guess technically, the Beanette's first Easter will be next year. But, thanks to Aunt Penny, she got her first Easter Egg Hunt this year. Say hi to Aunt Penny!

James and I came home from church to find these hidden all over our front yard.

Since obviously the Beanette is a little too small to find all the eggs herself, and her mommy is having trouble bending over, her Daddy lent a hand finding all the eggs.

Delilah thought the eggs were for her and found them quite tasty.

We had lunch (Easter Tacos, anyone?) and then Penny and I got to work on a traditional Bolton Easter delight for the Beanette.

Mommy helped the Beanette try them out.

Happy Easter Beanette!

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