Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nursery Progress

We got so much done on the nursery this weekend and I am super psyched at how it is coming together.

Finish dresser-check
Move in all the furniture-check
DIY a cornice box-check
Make some art-check

It doesn't look like as much in list format, but I assure the progress is notable. Take a look!

The dresser we bought at a resale shop for a steal for a solid wood piece of furniture. It had the old fashion ornate brass handles, a decorate cut-out bottom, and was a honey oak color. Solid construction, but not my design aesthetic. I forgot to take some true before shots of it, but here it is in progress:

And after:

We gave it new knobs, a new piece of bottom trim, and a fresh coat of white paint to match the crib. It isn't shiny like the pictures though. That's from the camera's flash.

While the room is still pretty bare bones, I arranged some stuff on top of the dresser so you can see the character of what I have in mind for the room.

Isn't it adorable!! I hope that our little girl will love it as much as I do. And if you look closely, you can catch a hint to that little girl's real name.

And today I am 30 weeks, so here is my 30 week belly shot. That face is how I felt after all the work this weekend.

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