Friday, July 8, 2011

Baby Clothes

Most women go through a phenomenon known as nesting as they near the end of their pregnancy. It is a insatiable urge to get ready for the baby in whatever way possible. Most women find that it is expressed through feverishly cleaning every surface of their home multiple times. Others start organizing the nursery within an inch of its life. Some may cook nonstop to stock up on meals to eat once the baby is here. I, however, have experienced none of these reactions (much to my dismay, because I really do need to clean the house).

Instead, my nesting instinct is being translated into sewing baby clothes. Lots of baby clothes. Some that she won't be able to wear for a year. But gosh darn it, if they aren't cute! It doesn't matter how frustrated I become, banging my head against my sewing machine and cursing whatever idiot wrote the pattern's instructions, I must. make. more. baby. clothes.

For you that means that you get to look as pictures of said clothes. And like I said, they are quite adorable.

Look at the sleeve's detail! Cuteness!

This dress is reversible to the pattern on the inside.

Business in the front....

Party in the back! The diaper cover matches the reversible open backed dress above.

Newborn sized romper

More ruffles!

Is it possible to have too many ruffles? I think not.

And lastly, my project from today...

Kimono pajamas!

I still have a few more clothes to work on and lots of extra fabric to find something to do with. Once all that's done though, I guess I'll have to start on the cleaning phase of nesting....

or not....


  1. Your baby cloths selection is so creative & funny, you can put more ruffles but the will look very closer there is no need to more ruffles. It’s looking Good :)

  2. Not a bad idea for your nesting phase. A productive and creative thing to do. The baby clothes you made rock especially the reversible one. Thanks for inspiring mothers to do the same.


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