Friday, July 29, 2011

Maternity Pictures

James and I took these pictures a few weeks ago with my lovely photographer friend Sarah of Butterfly Chaser Photography in College Station. Sarah and I went to college together and I always admired her photographs, but hadn't had an excuse for her to take any of me until now. Here are a few teasers that she posted on her blog.

And finally, I guess I should address this picture. As you know, E's name has been top secret this whole pregnancy. No one knows her full name and only 1-2 people know her first name (by accident). But for our pictures, we wanted to write her name on the chalkboard we had purchased for the shoot so that we could display it after she gets here. Apparently though, we didn't thoroughly explain the sensitivity of the information to Sarah, because she put the picture up on her blog (thanks a lot). But what can you do? I guess we'll have to embrace it. After all, E is late now. If she had been here on time, this would be a non-issue. So without further adeu, the beanette's name is...

We love the old fashioned feel of it and we know she won't have the same name as 12 of her classmates. We plan on calling her Euy for short though.

Sarah's blog has some more pictures from our shoot, so head over there and check them out.


  1. I thought you said this wasn't real? Is this another Ripps cover-up? I am so mixed-up!! -Saundra

  2. I actually like that name. It's different. Coming from a family that likes to be a little different on naming conventions, I completely understand the hesitancy but hey, rock that name out proudly and everyone else be darn. -Paul

  3. Hmmm....guess you'll just have to wait and see....

  4. alright. enough with the secrets about the name. I'm not going to believe it's Eustice until I see the birth certificate. ~Lauren


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