Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Full Term.

Well ladies and gentlemen, the time has come. This baby is officially cooked. Its seems, however, that she did not get the memo though. I even typed it out in case she can't read my handwriting.

To: Baby E
From: Your Mommy
Subject: Departure Date

Please be advised that your last date of departure from the womb without penalty is July 24. After this time, you will find that I will become increasingly cranky and possibly yell at you. Our contract states a 40 week occupancy. Failure to leave the premises within 2 weeks of this date will result in your forceful eviction. It will not be pleasant for either one of us, so I encourage you to make your final departure arrangements and be on your way.

But as I said, she must not have read it because Monday has come and gone and she is still crammed in there. I swear she has doubled in size and grown 4 additional legs in the last week too. There is no way a small, normal baby could cause this much discomfort.

I took what I hope to be the last of the weekly/more like monthly belly pictures. I decided to wear the same thing I wore for my 20 week picture to get a good comparison of how much the beanette has grown.

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