Thursday, July 21, 2011


I am so ready for this baby to come. I have planned, cleaned, sewed, organized, washed, and prepared all that I can. I am seriously running out of projects to do at 4 am when I can't sleep because someone has the hiccups for the 27th time today. I am tired, waddling, and completely unable to be comfortable in any position for longer than 10 minutes. And I am whiny. Very whiny. I want this darling sweet child of mine to exit the premises immediately.

My average day has been looking something like this:
3 am: Get up because I can't sleep anymore
6 am: Go back to bed because I'm exhausted
11 am: Get up for real this time and inhale a bowl of peanut butter dots cereal

12 pm: Be completely lazy
1 pm: Make myself presentable to the outside world (maybe)
2 pm: Eat lunch
2:15 pm: Eat post-lunch snack
3 pm: Watch old episodes of the various versions of Law & Order
4 pm: Eat mid-afternoon snack
5 pm: Complain to James that I am bored and he needs to entertain me
5:05 pm: After no sympathy on the boredom, try complaining that I will be pregnant forever to see if that works (it usually does)
6 pm: Make dinner
7 pm: Eat dinner that too entirely too long to prepare, thus causing me to become ravenous
8 pm: Depending on the day of the week, watch the selected primetime entertainment. Choices include: True Blood, So You Think You Can Dance, Love in the Wild, and Dance Moms. If you haven't seen Love in the Wild, it is quite possibly the most entertaining piece of crap reality/game show that has ever been televised. Wednesday nights at 9 pm. Your welcome.

10 pm: Go to bed
12 am: Go to sleep

We had our 39 week midwife appointment yesterday, and all looks well. The beanette is sitting pretty low and I've made some progress, not that it really means much. The midwife did let me know that she doesn't think I have a really big baby, just average, which is a relief since I was over 10 lbs myself. A little 7.5-8 lbs kiddo sounds just about perfect to me. It sure beats the 15.5 lbs boy I dreamt I gave birth to the other night.

It's past 6 am now, so I guess its time for me to go back to bed. Of course, hiccup attack #28 just started....

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