Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bath Time with Ellie

I have taken some flack for choosing what some people have referred to as a glorified bucket as our baby bathtub. Snazzy bucket or not, Ellie has come to LOVE bath time!

We've started making taking a bath a nightly occurrence as part of her bedtime routine. The bedtime routine is really helping too because she has gone from taking an hour and multiple trips back in the room to get to sleep for the night to 15 minutes. I think a routine and her magic chair get the credit on that.

Around 7:30, Daddy strips her down and I get the bath ready. I put a bit of California Baby Calming Bubble Bath in the water for the bubbles and the lavender scent. You can tell she gets excited when Daddy brings her in the bathroom. She starts pumping her legs and squealing. Then, in the water she goes and she gets really still for a minute.

It's like she becomes entranced by the water and bubbles. Slowly she starts wiggling around and playing with the water. She has recently discovered that she can make her toes poke out of the layer of bubbles and she tries really hard to keep them there, but is usually unsuccessful at this point.

Since she's started smiling this week, she has started cheesing it up. She's just on the edge of laughing too. Can't wait for that sound!

Once the water starts to cool down, its out of the tub for PJs, nursing, swaddle, story, and then bed. Last night was 6 hours and 45 minutes!!!! Praying our good luck continues!

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