Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kitty Capers

I walked into Ellie's nursery this morning to find her mobile looking like this:

In addition to the strewn birds, also note the missing beads. Four to be exact. I could only find one in the crib though.

I had but one suspect on my list.


She may look cute, but that is just a ploy. See that baby toy on the floor next to her? That was stolen by her from the toy bin. We have another cat, Bella, but she is far too lazy to be involved in something that would require her to leap higher than the cushy couch.

Later in the day, my suspicions were confirmed when I spotted the suspect at the scene of the crime.

Since all forms of punishment are lost on felines, I guess I'll just have to keep the nursery door shut from here on.

No worries about the mobile though. It's good as new now. This is not the first time I've had to restring a few beads thanks to Chloe.

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  1. I found her in the nursery last night...just laying on the rug... it was weird.


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