Tuesday, September 6, 2011

1 Month Down...

...215 to go (until she is 18 at least).

I've been a bad mamarazzi. I didn't take any pictures of Ellie on her 1 month birthday on Friday or her first Labor Day. But, we did celebrate making to a month with what has become her official cupcake, the margarita cupcake from Frost Bake Shoppe in The Woodlands. They are delicious!

They are the official cupcake of Elaina Beth because they were her baby shower cupcake and Penny also made a fantastic knock-off and brought them to the birth center when Ellie was born.

Ellie is up to 11 pounds now, and although I haven't measured her, she seems much longer too. She's doing a great job holding up her head when we are holding her and during tummy time. She's started using more sounds lately too. "Ab dah" was her first official baby word. Ellie gave James and I her first big smile yesterday while we were changing her diaper. I would smile too if some one got me out of a poopy diaper. I have yet to catch it on camera though. You know that picture will go straight to the blog when I do!

Today marks Ellie's 5 week birthday, and in what has become a Tuesday tradition, we took her picture. I'm loving how this series of pictures is turning out too. It's incredible to see how much she has changed in the last month.

So there we are. The Ellie update for her 1st month of being alive. Looking forward to the next 215.

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