Monday, September 19, 2011

Game Day in Ellieland

If you read my post about talking to Ellie about A&M moving to the SEC, you likely gathered that this is a house that bleeds maroon. We fully intend on indoctrinating Ellie from an early age (like now) to love all things A&M and run from burnt orange like the plague.

Lots of people gave Ellie some Aggie onsies and other paraphernalia to help start her down that road, but unfortunately, the smallest size was 3-6 months, meaning the football season would be half over before she got a chance to wear any of her team colors. Unacceptable we say! But have no fear, because James took matters into his own hands and trekked down to Academy and bought his little girl the cutest Aggie jumper. And let me tell you, she was so happy to wear it on Saturday to watch the Fighin' Texas Aggies mash those Idaho potatoes! WHOOP!

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