Monday, October 10, 2011

2 Month Update

Like I mentioned in the pumpkin patch post, Ellie is now 2 months old. We had her 2 month check-up last week and her are her stats:

Weight: 12 lbs 4 oz (85th percentile)
Length: 23.5 inches (93rd percentile)

She is growing well and looks great! We also got some of her 2 month shots done. We are choosing to follow an alternative vaccine schedule for her. She is still getting all her shots, but we want to space them out a little for her. A 2 month old is supposed to get 5 immunizations for 8 illnesses. To me, that seems like a lot of stuff entering a little body all at once. James and I just prefer to spread them out a little. For the record, we believe in vaccinations and think that all children should get them and do not buy into the autism/vaccine claim.

Ellie is also holding her head up really well and is starting to work on trunk control. She smiles all the time, but we are still waiting on a real laugh. She does like to talk though, especially to James and to the toys on her play mat.

Since I don't post her weekly pictures to the blog as I take them, I thought I would do a month recap so you can see her growth.


  1. She is soo adorable!! And I love these shots, did you do the shirts in photoshop? They look great!!

  2. Yep. The weeks are all photoshopped on.


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