Friday, October 7, 2011

Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

On Sunday afternoon, James, Ellie, Penny, and Steve, and I all loaded up and headed out to Dewberry Farms for some fall festivities. Although the main purpose of our trip was to visit the pumpkin patch, we also took advantage of many of the other attractions there. If you haven't been before and you have small children, definitely go. There are lots of fun things to do with the kiddos.

Penny and Ellie were both celebrating birthdays that day. Penny is 29 and Ellie is 2 months old. Can you believe it's already been 2 months? Crazy to me!

Our first stop on the farm was the corn maze (or maize maze as James likes to say because he thinks he's clever).

After about 30 minutes, we managed to find our way back out. Then it was on to other festivities.

A note on Ellie's outfit. I made the onesie and skirt that she wore most of the day in honor of our pumpkin hunting. Her bow was courtesy of Penny and matched her pumpkin patch tutu that you will be seeing momentarily.

James and I had absolutely no shame in pawning Ellie off to Penny or Steve and running around like 12 year olds. That's part of the fun of bringing along aunts and uncles!

After all our fun and games, we loaded up on the hayride out to the pumpkin patch. Ellie needed to first get dressed in her official pumpkin patch tutu.

Any you can't forget the oversized glitter bow!

We arrived in the field, stacked up some pumpkins to prop Ellie against and I got to snappin'. You know the only reason to take a 2 month old to a pumpkin patch is for the photo op.

Snagged a few family photos...

...picked out a pumpkin...

...and headed to the ER for a head injury.

Not really. We actually went to go get pie.

I love you House of Pie.

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  1. Aww, what an adorable little pumpkin outfit! And some very lovely photos around the pumpkin patch. I'm really looking forward to doing this sort of thing with my daughter, although it looks like she won't arrive in time to do anything pumpkin-related this year.


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