Friday, August 12, 2011

10 Days In

Ellie is 10 days old today. I cannot believe a week and a half have already passed since she arrived. We are all doing great too! Ellie is growing well and has surpassed her birth weight. She is sleeping in 3 hour stretches now. Everyday she does something new. Lately, its been bobbing her head when she is on my shoulder to work out those neck muscles. She has been a really easy baby so far, which we feel very blessed about.

We went on a few outings with Ellie this week. I was tired of feeling cooped up at the house and we all needed a little fresh air. We took Ellie on her first of many trips to Target, stopped in a Home Depot, and swung by the cloth diaper store to pick up some extra covers. Ellie loves the car and just sleeps the entire time. We've been using our Moby wrap to take her in places to ward off handsy strangers and keep her all snuggled up. She loves it!

On Tuesday, Ellie had her newborn pictures done by, Sara from Butterfly Chaser Photography who also did our maternity pictures and was in on the name joke. Sara has already put up a couple of shots on her Facebook page and they capture our little Ellie perfectly.

On the quilt that her Aunt Penny made for her with her favorite hand. She was actually born with her hand by her face and loves to play with it. I can't wait until she discovers that it is actually attached to her and she gets to keep it forever.

Remember that little romper I made? Well, here it is on Ellie's little tush. Too cute!

And finally, we wanted to capture Ellie's growth throughout the year and monthly pictures for us just don't seem to cut it. She's already changed so much in the last 10 days and I don't want to miss capturing it! So, I found an idea from Young House Love (awesome blog if you want something new to read) of taking weekly pictures on different fabric. They did it for their now 1 year old Clara, and I loved the final result. So, here is Ellie's first week picture!

I'll add them to my Flickr account each week if you want to keep up and see other pictures of our little beanette. Look for the link in the sidebar!

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