Monday, August 29, 2011

Sunday with Miss Ellie

We played hookie from church this week (sorry God) to spend the day running around town with Ellie. She was so good our whole trip out except for a brief meltdown at Borders. She just slept in her stroller or the Moby wrap.

We started off by heading to Herman Park to walk around and see the ducks.

We met a man there who was feeding the squirrels and we stopped to take a picture. He saw us and offered us some of his bread so we could give squirrel feeding a go. And so we did.

Mr. Squirrel came right up to me and grabbed his piece of Wonder Bread.

This was as close Mrs. Squirrel got to James. He just tossed her the bread instead.

Once we were done with the squirrels, we sat on a bench with Ellie in her stroller and fed the ducks. They were very pleased.

I decided I wanted a red snow cone. I was also very pleased.

After I was done with my snow cone, Ellie decided it was time to wake up and get some cuddles.

Once we left the park, we headed to the Galleria area. We had a baby gift to exchange at Nordstroms, but decided to get lunch at Potbelly's first. To my utter delight, Crave Cupcakes was right across the parking lot. Oh happy day! Ellie is nearly 4 weeks old and STILL hadn't experienced her mommy's favorite past-time....eating fancy cupcakes. We picked out a yummy coconut treat.

Once I had devoured my delicious cupcake, it was time to head to Nordstroms to exchange that baby outfit. It was a generous gift, but not very seasonally appropriate since it was a sweater and cords that Ellie will fit in this time next year. I thought she might be a little warm in that. We traded it out for two adorable jumpers.

After our exchange, we trekked to the complete other end of the mall to visit Borders since they are having their big going out of business sale. I had just enough time to grab Attachment Parenting and The No Cry Sleep Solution before Ellie decided that she had had enough and decided to let the entire store know. We quickly checked out and made a beeline back to Nordstroms.

I have a feeling that nice department stores will become my haven as a breastfeeding mama at the mall. They always have the nice lounge areas in the restrooms which are perfect for feeding a little one. Some even have a separate mother's room that has a changing table and a clock along with comfy chairs. So, thank you Nordstroms for providing mothers with a comfortable place to take care of their babies.

Once Ellie was changed and fed, it was time to head home. Ellie and mommy took naps on the way. It was a busy day.

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  1. She really is a joy to go traveling with! She was either very calm and checking out her surroundings or was fast asleep. The only time Ellie wasn't happy was in Borders, which was a madhouse, or after we were in the car. The car had stopped moving too long for her preference, and she let us know!


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