Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Scoop on Poop

As you learned from a previous post we decided to cloth diaper our little bean. Everyone who comes over to visit seems interested in how it is going for us, so I though a little update was in line.

Basically, we love it! Cloth diapering has been super easy and the only extra work is 1 load of laundry every 2 days, although I could stretch it to 3 days if need be. Ellie has been wearing newborn size diapers up until now. She is just starting to fit into her one-size dipes. Here is the low-down on some cloth diapering lingo so the rest of this post doesn't sound like a foreign language to those unfamiliar.

All-in-one (AIO)- A diaper that is complete all in once piece. Just stick it on that baby butt and move on.

Pocket - Similar to an AIO with an extra step of stuffing an internal pocket with an absorbent insert. Once stuffed, it goes straight on.

Pre-fold - Your grandma's cloth diaper. Lots of people use them as burp cloths these days. You put it on and either pin or Snappi it then cover with a diaper cover. (It is much easier and faster than it sounds and is VERY economical).

Diaper Cover - A waterproof cover that you use over a pre-fold to keep the wetness in. There are lots of super cute options.

For Ellie, we opted to use pre-folds and covers primarily for the newborn stage. Tiny babies don't fit well into the larger one-size fit most diapers and prefolds are cheap, which is important because babies aren't in newborn sizes for long. We planned on her using them for about 3 months, but it looks like it will be just a few more weeks and she will completely outgrow them.

We also bought 6 newborn size AIOs for ease of use when we are out and about. They go on and off just like a disposable.

Since Ellie has now reached over 10 lbs, most of her one-size pocket diapers are beginning to fit her. We decided to make the majority of her diaper stash pockets and AIOs. They are easy to use, babysitters and daycare can figure them out without help, and if you get the one-size diapers, they are much more economical than disposables. We are sticking mostly to the Bumgenius and Fuzzibunz brands.

The Anatomy of a Diaper Change

Here is out changing table with all our gear. Diapers are in the 2 top drawers.

We use cloth wipes because when you use cloth diapers, they truly are easier because it all just gets thrown in one pail rather than separating them out. We mix up a solution of water, a little baby shampoo, and a dash of olive oil to wet them with.

It is also important to know that regular diaper rash creams are not safe to use on cloth diapers. I don't know why exactly, but I know it can ruin the diaper. Good news is that there are cloth diaper safe creams out there. We use CJs BUTTer. It comes in a bunch of scents. We have lavender. Ellie hasn't had a rash, but we use it as a preventative at night.

So, after you take off the dirty dipe and clean up the babe with a wipe, it all gets tossed in the pail. We just have a lidded trash can with a waterproof washable liner it all goes in. We haven't had any problems with it stinking up the room.

Next up is the clean pre-fold, which we fasten with a Snappi. Takes about 15 seconds to put on and close.

And one more of my pretty girl just for fun.

Then, just slap a cover on the tush and you are good to go.

Now isn't that much cuter than Pampers? And you are saving money and the environment too. I think that deserves a gold star!

Laundry involves dumping the pail liner into the wash and turning it on. Then everything moves to the dryer. Ta-da! No grossness at all and it takes about 5 minutes of my life to do! Breastfed poop is completely water soluble and just rinses away in the wash, so no need to dunk and swish.

So there you have it. Cloth diapering so easy, better for baby and the environment, and way cuter to look at. I know I have several friends expecting right now, so I would encourage you all to at least give it a go. If you are unsure if you will like it, there are diaper trials out there (here's a link to one) that will send you the supplies, you use it all for a period of time, and if you don't like it, send it all back and you are only out $10. But I doubt you will want to send it back!


  1. Interesting post -- our first baby is due in early November, and we've been thinking about trying cloth diapering. It's really helpful to see these pics of some of the different kinds that are available, as well as your changing table setup and how you're making them work. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am due at the end of September. I have been considering cloth diapering. Very interesting post ;] Thanks for the info!

  3. Yay for cloth diapering! Between our 2 kids, we are on year 4 and counting of the same fuzzibunz and are still loving them (although yours look MUCH prettier than our worn out ones).


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